Courses for all ages focusing on the four main skills:[Listening][Speaking][Reading][Writing]

With IB English, you can start a conversation class at any level of ability. In addition, in private lessons & group lessons, the same teacher always conducts the lesson. Common topics increase with each lesson, and it becomes more and more pleasant to talk in English.

IB English's English conversation:Specialized English conversation by native teachers

<Infant course>Baby Class

Infant course,Baby Class English class for infants over one and half years old.

We incorporated elements of eurhythmics to teach English rhythm for infants to learn while playing. Since parents are allowed to join the lesson, it is possible to exercise the lesson learned at home.

<Preschool course>Little Class

Preschool course,Little Class The native teachers conduct lessons with songs and dance.

The class is for preschool children. It is a global-style class that includes three steps for learning language (Listening, Recognition, Pronunciation) and TPR*. The students can enjoy English phonics through singing, dancing, and playing games with native teachers. We also practice the alphabet and phonics. The
children can acquire the sense of English naturally by moving their body and learning vocabulary at the same time.

※Total Physical Response (TPR).It is a language teaching method based on the coordination of language and physical movement. Teachers give commands to students in English and students respond with whole-body action. The students are showered in English. Students practice greetings, self-introduction, and simple conversation by actually saying them. The homework is well-prepared with workbooks and audio materials.

<School children>Kids Class

School children,Kids Class It is an English-only class but the points of the lesson are confirmed in Japanese.

In Kids-master lesson (primary schoolchildren in lower grades), a native teacher teaches "listening" and "speaking", and a Japanese teacher assists the lesson in Japanese to clarify the points of lesson.

In addition to it, we provide the Academy course that the Japanese teachers teach basic "reading" and "writing". We also give guidance for the JR STEP test & Eiken test.

Kids-master (English conversation).

キッズマスター(英会話)The native and Japanese teachers conduct team-teaching for the srudents to master English conversation firmly.

The lesson bugins exercising the simple greetings and daily living conversation. The students gain the abilities of speaking and listening at same time by exercising the practical conversation with native teachers.

The Japanese teachers assist the native teachers lesson in Japanese, so the children can acquire the English firmly.

1.Native lessonLesson with native teacher. All the lessons are taught in English. The ability to think and speak in English is acquired naturally .
2.Follow-up lessonConfirm the grammar that the students learned in the native teacher's lesson and practice the writing exercises.
3.Goal sheetAt the end of every lesson, we confirm whether the student learned the lesson on that day or not by using a goal sheet.
4.Level check test In order to confirm how students are progressing in learning English, we conduct interview with a native teacher and writing test with a Japanese teacher at the midterm and end of each stage. We publish completion certificates for the passers

<Junior High course>Junior Class

Junior High course,Junior Class Youth English conversation lesson.

All English lessons are conducted by native teachers! The students become familiar with th e native teacher's pronounciation and that will give them an advantage on examinations!

High Scool/College/Adult

High Scool/College/Adult Small group lessons with a maximum of 5 students per class.

English conversation lesson / Group lesson (maximum of 5 students) / Private lesson / Private ticket-lesson.

Since the number of students in a group lesson is up to five, the students can listen and talk in a very comfortable and pleasant class room setting. In addition, the students can participate in the lesson with ease since the teachers check how each student is progresses and assists him/her.

We recommend a group lesson for a person who wants to learn English conversation for the first time to enjoy speaking English.

The private lesson is recommended for businessmen who need to learn English for work or for students who are planning to study abroad. The lesson is one-to-one and the content is based on the student's needs.

IB English Academy:Promote your total English ability through lessons provided by bilingual Japanese teachers

Eiken Challenge Class

英検チャレンジコース The English lesson to prepare for the Eiken test.

A Japanese teacher conducts a lesson specialized for the Eiken test by repeatedly going through past Eiken tests.

We provide a carriculum to efficiently learn the points to avoid careless errors while expanding one's vocabulary. We strengthen the home study in cooperation with parents through the quarterly student report and a monthly learning report.

Grammar lesson (English grammar)

Grammar lesson (English grammar)Aim to pass the Eiken or the Junior Step Test by learning the reading and the writing from the basics.

The grammar lesson with a Japanese teacher is recommended for the person who wants to pass the qualifying examinations such as Junior Step Test or Eiken or the primary school child who want to prepare for the junior high school English class. Because students can ask any question in Japanese, they can clarify the unclear points.

Because the class is in a small group, the teacher can understand the weak points of students. The lessons are planned in accordance with students progress.

School English Suplementary Class

School English Suplementary Class Specialized for basic English grammar

It is a course to study junior High school level English grammar. It is recommended for those who want to review it or study in advance. The lesson are taught by a Japanese teacher specializing in the basics of English grammar. Periodically, a native teacher will conduct a conversation lesson to improve the listening and speaking.

We strengthen the home study in cooperation with parents through the quarterly student report and a monthly learning report.

Junior Academy Lesson

Junior Academy Lesson Junior High School Course

The lesson is conducted by Japanese teacher in a small group to prepare for the English test certification and school entrance test. The progress is reported after each lesson.

Advanced Class

アドバンスコース Returnes are also welcome!

The native teachers strengthen your vocabulary, grammar, and writing ! The course is limited to the person under eighteen years old and who passed the test (how long the student was abroad is not asked). We strengthen the necessary vocabulary, grammar, and writing abilities as a native speaker through the native teacher lesson and extensive reading exercises.

Assuming that the student will study abroad or advance to an international school, we regularly perform a level check by TOEFL, ITP and interview.

Prepararion for TOEIC®, TOEFL®, and IELTS

試験対策コース TOEIC®・TOEFL®・IELTS These are courses to prepare for English tests such asTOEIC®, TOEFL®, IELTS.

We strengthen listening and speaking abilities for TOEIC®. The lesson given in thise course assumes various business scenaries for students to learn how to cope in English.

For TOEFL®, we teach "write", "read", "talk", "listen" in an effective balance for academic English. For IELTS, we conduct effective lessons for school work and study abroad preparation.

College Entrance Examination Class.

College Entrance Examination Class. A course for one needing to study English to take a college entrance examination stressing on English.

Based on past examinations of Jochi University and International Christian University, we plan an appropriate curriculum for taking such tests. Also, we arrange lessons to read and understand papers in the field of science and technology.

The four essential skills for English "write","speak", "read", and "listen"can be learned in an effective balance.

Returnee Students' Course

Returnee Students' Course Improve upon the English ability acquired abroad.

This is a course specialized for returnee students to keep and improve their English ability. Communication ability in English is essential along with the understanding of foreign culture.

The lesson improves their listening ability acquired abroad and gain further understanding through native teacher instruction. In addition, we conduct curriculum for college entrance examinations.

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